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Edible Island Merges with Healthy Island Project!

SUMMER 2019 — We are pleased to announce this collaborative merger.  After many discussions and a vote by the boards of both organizations, it was agreed that a merger would provide a way to more efficiently and sustainably deliver Edible Island’s culinary and educational programs to the larger island community while enhancing and expanding Healthy Island Project’s mission.  Edible Island will retain its name as a program under the umbrella of Healthy Island Project.  For more information on Edible Island go to

We invite you to join us for a very special event in celebration of our merger and in support of our Edible Island programming, including in-school education and snack programs, the Magic Food Bus, and other culinary and nutrition opportunities throughout the larger Blue Hill Peninsula.


Healthy Island Project is a community based organization which provides information, makes connections between people and organizations, and coordinates selected projects to promote healthy living. HIP brings together a cross section of Islanders working together to address the broad health of our community.

HIP works through our own programs and collaborations to enhance and strengthen the health and well-being of the Deer Isle-Stonington community.  We understand that a healthy island is an Active Island, a Community-Engaged Island, an Age-Friendly Island, a Mindful Island, and an Edible Island.  To that end, HIP provides programs such as WinterFest, Salt Air Seniors,  Health Bound, Queen’s Closet, Active Island, Edible Island and more.

Our office is located in the Old School in Stonington, Maine and serves Deer Isle, Stonington, and surrounding communities.